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Rethink the future.

Immediately see the financial impact of decisions. 
Before you make them.
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Never guess again.

As CEO, you’re constantly rethinking the future of your business—while also managing profits, cash flow and earnings growth.

And to make decisions that will positively impact financial outcomes, you need to be able to digest huge amounts of data, uncover new sources of revenue and seize opportunities in real time. 

With Alight, you can. 

Our Solutions

Our cloud-based, industry-specific applications bring together real-time collaborative planning and forecasting with scenario comparison and analysis. 

  • We combine technology excellence with industry expertise. The result—all the industry logic and business rules are baked into each vertical application. 
  • Get immediate value. Implementation is quick and straightforward. You’ll gain insights and value via our dashboards from day one.
  • Security is our top priority.  Our applications are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) where your data is stored using enterprise-class encryption.

Industries We Work In

We work in highly complex and dynamic industries.

Whether you’re an independent mortgage banker managing near-term cash flow pressures of your firm
or a mining executive making decisions in the midst of incredible volatility faced by the modern global mining enterprise,
you can use Alight to compare multiple scenarios in real time and see the financial ripple effects of possible decisions across the enterprise.

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