Alight Planning Announces Next-Generation, Alight 7: Now Delivered via SaaS or On-Premises

Alight Planning Announces Next-Generation, Alight 7: Now Delivered via SaaS or On-Premises

SAN FRANCISCO – AUGUST 1, 2013 – Alight Planning, a fast-growing and innovative provider of industry-specific software applications, today announced that it has released Alight 7, its next-generation planning solution. This new version is now delivered both via SaaS and on-premises.

Alight 7 includes real-time visual analytics, power filters, enhanced scenario analysis and significant enhancements to performance. The new version was specifically aimed at helping finance professionals and business leaders optimize their financial performance.

“We’re pleased to roll out Alight v7.0 to our growing customer base. This new version is a significant step forward for our platform and includes a range of enhancements that will truly help our customers achieve top financial performance,” said Lee Harris, vice president, engineering, Alight Planning. “We are particularly proud of the visual analytics functionality, which significantly increases the power our applications bring to decision-makers throughout the company. Executives and cost center managers no longer need to rely only on endless spreadsheets and dense financial statements to understand where their business stands at any given moment. Instead, Alight 7 gives them the key metrics they need, presented in a powerful graphical manner.”

Key features in Alight v7.0 include:

  • Visual analytics, driven by key metrics, enable business users to see the information they need, in a focused manner, and make rapid decisions.   
  • Alight 7 can be delivered via Saas, giving customers the power of Alight anytime, anywhere and on any device.
  • Powerful filtering capabilities let users slice-and-dice information by customer-defined dimensions such as departments, cost centers, products and more.
  • Enhanced scenario analysis lets users instantly compare multiple options, side-by-side, leading to better-informed, rapid decision making.
  • Next-generation architecture delivers major performance improvements.

About Alight Planning
Alight Planning is a fast-growing provider of industry-specific applications that help firms transform how they view financial planning and make it a constant and relevant part of their businesses. Alight Planning has over 300 customers, across some of the most dynamic and complex industries, including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, mining and food and beverage. Alight Planning is committed to helping customers achieve and sustain top financial performance.