Alight Mining Solutions and the Colorado School of Mines Strengthen Partnership

Alight Mining Solutions and the Colorado School of Mines Strengthen Partnership

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Tom Struttmann, Head of Alight Mining Solutions, has been appointed to the Mining Engineering Industry Advisory Committee at the Colorado School of Mines.

SAN FRANCISCO – JUNE 13, 2016 – Alight Mining Solutions, a division of Alight, Inc., is pleased to announce that Tom Struttmann, Group Head of Alight Mining Solutions, has been selected to serve on the Mining Engineering Industry Advisory Committee for the Colorado School of Mines, further strengthening the continued partnership between these two organizations.

The Mining Engineering Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) develops collaborations between the school’s Department of Mining Engineering, which was recently ranked by QS as the world’s top mining program, and the mining industry with the goal of supporting continual improvement in the educational, service and research missions of the school. The committee brings together industry experts and faculty to provide input on strategic research needs and opportunities, insights to the current curriculum, to connect students and faculty with industry through internships, and to support overall continuous development of the department.

Lending his 25+ years of industry experience to this important committee, Tom Struttmann commented, “The Colorado School of Mines is producing remarkable mining engineers and I am excited to be able to lend my experience in the industry to help ensure success for the school in the decades to come. These students are the future of our industry and I’m honored to be a part of IAC.”

Launched just a year ago, the partnership has already produced unprecedented results through its intern program, including the matriculation of three students from intern to full-time Alight Mining Solutions employee: Brandon Gill, Product Manager, Class of 2015; Levi Rawlings, Professional Services Consultant, Class of 2016; and Kevin Moran, Professional Services Consultant, Class of 2016. The three engineering graduates join an expanding team at Alight Mining Solutions located in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District.

“Our strong relationship with Alight has already provided great opportunities for our students and we look forward to continuing to grow this partnership. We are grateful Tom has agreed to volunteer his time and his unique background to the IAC,” said Dr. Priscilla Nelson, Head at the Department of Mining Engineering.

“It’s exciting to work with the Colorado School of Mines to offer this opportunity for mining engineers to work in technology to improve the mining industry. This intersection of mining education with firsthand mining expertise is what will prepare these students to drive our industry forward,” Struttmann added.

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Colorado School of Mines,, is a uniquely focused public research university dedicated to preparing exceptional students to solve today’s most pressing energy and environmental challenges. Founded in 1874, the institution was established to serve the needs of the local mining industry. Today, Mines has an international reputation for excellence in engineering education and the applied sciences with special expertise in the development and stewardship of the earth’s resources.