American Pacific Mortgage Selects Alight Mortgage Lending™

American Pacific Mortgage Selects Alight Mortgage Lending™

Leading Western States mortgage bank chooses Alight Mortgage Lending to refine secondary market forecasting.

SAN FRANCISCO – OCTOBER 14, 2016 – Alight Inc., the fast-growing provider of industry-specific real-time financial applications, today announced that American Pacific Mortgage has selected the Alight Mortgage Lending™ platform to provide cloud-based scenario analysis and financial forecasting.

Using Alight Mortgage Lending, management teams can compare actuals to financial models of the future, in real time. Alight provides insight into the implications of decisions and access to information needed to analyze unlimited potential scenarios and future financial outcomes.

 “We look forward to working with Alight in refining our forecasting and sensitivity analysis,” said American Pacific Mortgage’s Chito Schnupp, Executive Vice President of Capital Markets. “Alight’s what-if scenario analysis will help us gauge the potential effects of economic events on volume, plan for capacity under different volume scenarios and evaluate the impact of regional and branch economics on overall financials to better prepare for changes, whether driven by internal decisions or external factors.” 

With Alight Mortgage Lending’s real-time live event analysis, management teams can change volume, product mix, staffing, expansion opportunities and other assumptions and see real-time results. Teams can also consolidate results from multiple channels and/or branches to compare performance, identify best-branch metrics, set targets, improve branch results and evaluate branch acquisition metrics. Decisions can then be recorded and made as a basis for future measurements and optimization.

“We look forward to working closely with American Pacific Mortgage. The management team is dedicated to creating a corporate culture that encourages innovation and adoption of new technology to ensure success and that makes them the perfect partner for Alight Mortgage Solutions,” said Jared Huff, Group Head of Alight Financial Services.

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Alight is a fast-growing provider of industry-specific, cloud-based applications that give customers the power to see the financial impact of every decision, before they make it. Alight works with firms in mortgage banking and other industries. For more information, visit:

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