Alight Mining Solutions at Canadian Mining Games | February 22-25

Alight Mining Solutions at Canadian Mining Games | February 22-25

The Alight Mining team is proud to be a sponsor of the Canadian Mining Games for our third year! This year, we’re pleased to sponsor not only the competition itself, but also for the second year in a row, we’re sponsoring the team from the University of British Columbia. We’re cheering the UBC team on to what we hope is another year of victory.

Alight Internships and Early-Career Professional Development

At Alight, we recognize that one of the most important things a company can do is to cultivate new talent. Our internship program has welcomed students from around the globe, representing some of the world’s most progressive universities, including Yale, Northeastern University (Boston), Colorado School of Mine, University of British Columbia, and University of Georgia.

Our interns and employees just starting their careers don’t sit on the sidelines. Instead, they dive into projects, work shoulder-to-shoulder with industry experts and bring real value to our customers (who happen to be some of the world’s top companies). 

And, we’re most proud of the fact that the majority of our interns return to Alight upon graduation and start their careers with us. For more information, contact Andrew Benedict, [email protected].