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About Alight


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Our Mission

We’re at the epicenter of technology innovation in the Bay Area and working hard to disrupt some of the world’s most complex and dynamic industries — literally helping companies see the future, before it happens.

Most companies rely on numerous operational systems and inputs for running daily business. But when it comes to predicting future operational and financial needs in areas critical to maintaining the value of the enterprise, even some of the most sophisticated management teams still use spreadsheets and educated guesses to make decisions about the future.

We’re changing that.

Alight’s collaborative planning and forecasting technology solution allows executive teams to create and compare numerous what-if scenarios, delivering visibility into the financial impact of decisions and sudden market changes on the enterprise.

Our roots are firmly planted in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re fueled by some of the best talent Silicon Valley has to offer. And our teams have decades of experience in each of the industries we serve. That means we understand the challenges you face and have the technical expertise to bring amazing solutions to life.

Alight is changing the way businesses are run. And we’re doing it one industry at a time.

Our Executive Team

Michele McGovern

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Warren

Chief Technology Officer

Jared Huff

Chief Financial Officer

David Eaton

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Tom Struttmann

Group Executive, Alight Mining Solutions

Michael McFadden

Group Head, Alight Mortgage Solutions

Andrew Benedict

Vice President, Talent

Jackie Holen

Vice President, Business Solutions

Rand Heer

Founder & Executive Vice President

Board of Directors

Michele McGovern

Chief Executive Officer

Steven Berger


Rand Heer

Founder & Executive Vice President

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