David Eaton

I caught the marketing and PR bug early. My very first job was with a boutique full-service ad agency that needed help — desperately — and after determining I could write and talk, the owner threw me right into the thick of things. I got to work with incredibly creative and passionate clients — a mix of entrepreneurs and politicians — and fell in love with being in the center of what made them tick, what they stood for and what made them unique — and getting to bring all those elements together into a story and create a brand. I was hooked.

I also love technology, am an early adopter, a gadget guy, Apple fanboy. So the companies I’ve always been drawn to have centered around innovation. Companies that use technology and other forms of innovation to disrupt industries, challenge the status quo, do amazing and breakthrough things that haven’t been done before — that’s what gets me excited and why I’m at Alight. We’re bringing new technology to some of the world’s most important and complex industries and completely changing how they do business. We literally help these companies see the future, before it happens.

Career Experience
Alight, Inc. — Vice President, Global Marketing Communications
IDEXX Laboratories (NASDAQ: IDXX) — Head of Direct Marketing & Head of International Marketing
MGL — VP Global Marketing & Communications
Iris Financial Solutions — VP Global Marketing & Communications
Ferous — Managing Partner/Founder Marketing Practice
Linedata Services — VP Marketing
Argenesis — a TenFold Subsidiary — Founder, VP Global Marketing & Communications
LongView Group — Vice President of Marketing
Thomson Financial — Director of Marketing

Bachelor in French and Music, The Honors College, University of South Carolina