Jackie Holen

I’m passionate about products, quality and agile processes. Whatever we do at Alight, I want to figure out how we can do it better: provide more value to our customers, achieve superior results with less effort and have more fun too. I love working on SaaS products to solve complex business problems, and Alight’s financial and operational forecasting products for volatile industries are in that sweet spot.

Just as important, I’m happiest when working with super bright people to tackle tough problems. That’s what we do everyday at Alight.

I lead the Business Solutions team here at Alight. We’re responsible for developing scalable, repeatable, best practices that give Alight a substantial competitive advantage as we run and launch verticals. We help new Alight verticals with program and project management, and we’re developing innovative training programs.

Career Experience
Alight, Inc. — Vice President, Business Solutions
Remedy Informatics — Director, Ontology Products
DevonWay — Director of Strategic Communications & Product Advancement
SAP — Product Marketing
Apple – Director of Business Analysis, Loyalty Matrix

TenFold — Director, Applications Products
ViewStar — Product Marketing

MS Scientific Computing & Computational Mathematics, Stanford University 
BSE Civil Engineering, Princeton University