Michele McGovern

I’m obsessed with creating opportunities for customers, investors and employees through the building of great businesses. Being in San Francisco has given me the chance to work with some amazing entrepreneurs, technologists and investors. Together, we’ve created and grown a number of successful businesses that have disrupted industries and delivered tremendous returns to our investors — and to our employees. This is what makes me tick.

At Alight, we’re working hard to disrupt some of the world’s most complex industries — industries that are prone to constant volatility — and we’re providing executives of these companies with a solution that hasn’t been done before. We’ve created a cloud-based solution that lets executives running these companies forecast their future — literally seeing the outcome of any possible decision, before they have to make it. It’s exciting stuff.

Career Experience
Alight, Inc. — CEO
Resultant Capital Partners — Cofounder
Iris Financial Solutions — CEO
Ferous — Founder
Argenesis — Founder, CEO
McGovern Group — Founder
Coopers & Lybrand — CPA

BS Accounting, Northeastern University