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Alight Enterprise is our unique and revolutionary technology that lets you Manage the Future™

Leveraging our highly configurable, driver-based application architecture and our cloud-based user environment, we deliver industry-specific enterprise applications within weeks.






Alight Enterprise Cloud

Multi-user, role-based access for our industry applications facilitates data sharing and collaborative planning across the entire enterprise.
  • Configurable Dashboards provide access based on roles and needs.
  • Control Center lets you access and deploy every application that you rely on including productivity solutions, email, messaging and more.
  • Role-specific access to Alight industry applications facilitates data sharing and promotes collaboration.
  • Alight applications are accessible from any device.


Alight Enterprise Industry Applications

Solutions for real-time, future-focused enterprise management. Industry-specific planning and forecasting methodologies are built in.
  • Industry Value Chain provides definition of industry-specific business models and operational elements.
  • With Industry Metrics, industry-specific planning methodologies, best practices, metrics and key performance indicators are built into each industry application.


Alight Enterprise Platform 

The core of Alight Enterprise is a dynamic, multi-dimensional engine that manages application complexity and enables the rapid building of applications with the extremely low consumption of user resources—even when dealing with billions of data points and highly complex calculations. 
  • Value Chain Designer defines and connects all the driver-based relationships across the entire enterprise value chain.
  • Real-Time Data Connectors integrate all of the key enterprise applications—including G/L, human resources, procurement, planning, loan origination and more.
  • End the disconnected enterprise. With Dynamic Dimensions, all parts of the value chain are connected in a way that lets each user understand how their particular part of the business affects the entire enterprise. 
  • Define and execute calculations on billions of data points from across the enterprise. Real-time, concurrent analysis and comparison of unlimited what-if scenarios is made possible by the Scenario Engine.