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Want to change the world?

So do we.

We’re changing the way businesses are run.

Businesses operating in dynamic and complex industries need to understand the future financial impacts that changing market conditions will have on the enterprise. Whether it’s a sudden change in interest rates or fluctuating commodity prices, management needs to be able to evaluate multiple scenarios and see the financial ripple effects on the enterprise.

With Alight, they can.

And we’re doing it one industry at a time.

We hire industry experts and thought leaders to create applications built from the ground up for the industries we serve. And we have a team of engineers—the best and the brightest—who bring those applications to life.

Life at Alight

We’re in this together. And we want to bring in people with the same passion for innovation, collaboration and getting things done. We offer competitive salaries, benefits and a culture that supports having a life outside of work—with the opportunity for flexible schedules and remote working when your personal life needs you to be home.

Meaningful Equity

Meaningful Equity

Great Health Benefits

Great Health Benefits

Meaningful Equity

Commuter Benefits

Meaningful Equity

Mac or Windows Laptop, Your Choice

Meaningful Equity

Living Room (relax or take a meeting)

Meaningful Equity

Well-Equipped Conference Rooms

Meaningful Equity

Well-Stocked Kitchen

Meaningful Equity

Hosted Happy Hour!

A Day in the Life

In 2013, I moved to the United States to attend Tufts University in Boston where I received my Masters in Mechanical Engineering. When my husband got accepted to the PhD program at Berkeley in 2015, we were excited to move to the Bay Area! In my first interview with Alight, I was impressed with how smart and really, really nice everyone was. But what I like about working at Alight is that, because it’s a small company, I have opportunities to experiment and learn—I started as a front end engineer and now I’m full stack. Typically, at bigger companies, engineers only do one thing. What I love about my work at Alight is that I can see the impact my work has on our customers, it makes me feel like I’m really doing something—really contributing. At Alight, we all have a good balance between work and life—sometimes I’ll head down to Chinatown for lunch or to Blue Bottle for coffee. And I love being in the Bay Area, on weekends my husband and I spend time hiking in Muir Woods or Tilden Park.

-Luqi, Engineering

Day in the Life

I grew up in Seattle and went to college in LA so—for me—San Francisco is the perfect middle between the two cities, both culturally and geographically. I studied finance in college and started my career in that area, well before I had heard of fintech. But with the pace of innovation in the Bay Area, it soon became clear that fintech is the industry I need to be in, especially at a company like Alight, the first company to offer the SaaS products and services we provide. Every day presents exciting new challenges as the industry is changing daily—particularly in the area of cloud-based enterprise technology. Outside of work, I love getting outdoors—whether biking up Hawk Hill in Marin, running out to the Golden Gate Bridge or heading to Tahoe or Big Bear to ski. And when I’m not concocting my own homebrew beers (some turn out better than others!) I can be found hanging out with friends at some amazing restaurants and really cool bars here in the city cheering for my sports teams (the Seahawks, USC Trojans and Liverpool FC, of course).

-Jack, Sales

A Day in the Life

I recently joined Alight for a six-month period as an engineering co-op. From being born and raised in Chicago to moving all the way to Boston for school, moving to the West Coast was a huge change for me! Working at Alight, however, has made that transition very worthwhile. From day one as a co-op, I dove right into my work—a growing company means that there’s a lot of cool new features to develop! As an engineer, my typical day starts off with a meeting—whether standup, demos, or team planning. This leaves the rest of the day to work on a feature or bug fix for Alight Enterprise which involves coding, reviewing and asking around for feedback. The company stresses the importance of team work, with everyone working together to improve the experience for our users. I come to work inspired by how enthusiastic and dedicated everyone is here, with new and challenging work every day.

—Vandana, Engineering Co-op

A Day in the Life

I want to make an impact at work, deliver useful high-quality software and grow our business. At Alight, we have a strong work ethic, challenging projects, and focus on customer success. Since moving to San Francisco, I’ve been fortunate to be a part of many great teams—the most successful of which have had a focused business strategy, a well-designed technology solution and team members passionate about improving themselves and the company. The Alight culture emphasizes learning, teamwork and continuous improvement—and we care about high quality code, relentless automation and optimizing for iteration speed.  l love that I’m able to work on many different things, have very few planned meetings and interact with a variety of interesting, extremely motivated people every single day. It’s these aspects of working at Alight that motivate me and make it a great fit.

—Paul, Engineering

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Our Neighborhood

We like to be right in the thick of things. So it’s appropriate that our office is in the middle of the fast-paced Financial District (a.k.a. FiDi).

Our headquarters is in a quirky little building nestled among a bunch of high-rises with a roof deck for working, having lunch or even cocktails. 

And almost everything is a quick walk from our front door—Starbucks is even our nextdoor neighbor. Plus BART and Muni are just a few minutes away. 

Some of our favorite neighborhood spots:

  • Blue Bottle and Philz (in case Starbucks isn’t your thing)
  • Lee’s Deli
  • SF Ferry Building (shopping, eating and more)
  • Super Duper
  • Chipotle (a Friday ritual for our mining team)
  • Sutter Station (our favorite dive bar)
  • Union Square shopping (a 10-minute walk)
  • Food trucks galore on every corner nearby
  • Belden Place (where Francophiles get their fix!)

130 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA