The premise: Run your company like a portfolio manager and use tools like they use – not some poor substitute.

Mining companies are all portfolios of assets that require continuous, real-time optimization. Yet, ask any C-Suite mining executive and they’ll tell you that they’re not even coming close to managing those portfolios as they’d expect their own investment bankers to manage their personal assets.

That’s where we come in. Alight is the only real-time portfolio management solution for the world’s leading mining companies. We’re here to disrupt and transform the way the most critical financial decisions get made.

#DisruptMining - Alight Business Cycle


You really can see the future with Alight.

With Alight, mining executives immediately see the expected financial results of a new mine plan, operational improvement decisions, and capex investments, across the whole value chain. CEOs and their executive teams run scenarios to understand the future financial implications of business strategy, operational execution, financial strategy and investment thesis. Running scenarios under different commodity price conditions and always having plan A, B and C means you’re always prepared and can take action more quickly, creating enterprise value and improving shareholder return.

Alight couldn’t be prouder to submit our entry to #DisruptMining.

Take a few moments to meet our team and if you want a bit more detail about what we do, we’ve included an appendix to support the formal report.

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