Mining FAQ


1. Are you a Mine Planning System?

Nope! Alight is a system built by mining people, for mining people, to help you make decisions on the direction of your business. To do this, we focus on financials and showing you how changes in operational data and metrics will impact your bottom line. We do, however, integrate with Mine Planning Systems, and pull information from them, so you can see how alternate mine plans or strategies will impact your business!

2. Is Alight a BI tool?

While Alight does have very powerful and easy to use dashboard capabilities, we’re much more dynamic than a typical BI solution. With Alight, users can make changes to underlying data quickly, allowing them to run several scenarios on-the-fly, and then compare them in our visually compelling dashboards!

3. How is Alight any different than a tool like SAP BPC or Hyperion Planning?

Alight is a dynamic and real-time application. And, while SAP BPC and Hyperion Planning are excellent tools for forecasting at an account level, they aren’t quite as flexible when it comes to planning your business from a directional, moment-to-moment point of view. That’s where Alight comes in. We allow you to change assumptions quickly, store multiple scenarios, compare and share dashboards, and make decisions to help your business succeed!

4. How do you integrate with other systems?

At Alight, there are several ways that we integrate with other systems to give our customers the most seamless integration possible. If the source system is web based, we develop an API that allows that system to feed Alight at the click of a button. If the system is not web based, such as a locally hosted mine planning system, we develop a data connector that transforms the raw data into an importable format to come in to Alight. From there, users can either import the data from Excel, or we can set up a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, that allows for the user to load this excel file onto the server, and have the data flow directly into Alight!

5. You’re making changes to things like cycle time, and commodity price, but realistically, we would have to run a new mine plan to change those things. How does Alight address this?

Ultimately, Alight does not replace your mine planning system.  But, making changes in a system like this allows you to see the impact changes would have to your business based on your current mine plan.  As a result, you can easily view potential changes to your business, giving insights into the direction you want to head towards. To get the full benefit of these potential changes you will have to run a new mine plan. However, Alight gives you the first step to changing your current outlook.