Alight Mining Solutions

Make financial decisions with data.
Not opinions. 

You have an enterprise system for your historical data. And you have an enterprise system for future operational planning. 

Now—whether you’re an engineer or a member of the finance team—you can have an enterprise system for your future financial planning.

We’ve sat in your chair. 

The Alight Mining Solutions team is built on a foundation of years of mining industry experience combined with the best of the Bay Area’s technological talent. 

Our experience spans from mining engineering to equipment to finance to metallurgy.

And our mission is to help you achieve the best possible results for you and your mining enterprise. 

We help you achieve the best possible financial outcomes. 

Alight Mining Solutions suite of products gives you the power to evaluate how changes in operational performance—and financial outlook—will impact your business. Right down to the bottom line.
Tight integration to mine planning and general ledger (GL) systems, ensures that forecasts are always up to date so you can evaluate business decisions and outlooks with quick and powerful scenario analysis and easy-to-use dashboards for visualization and comparison of KPIs.
  • See how changes in operational efficiency impact NPV
  • Compare different initiatives side by side
  • Feel confident that your business is being managed as a whole, not in silos

Alight is connected to every part of the mining value chain. From mining to processing to the end financial outcomes, we are with you every step of the way.

Case Studies

We work with the world’s leading mining companies providing insights into how and where to reduce operations costs and increase productivity—and the ability to view financial outcomes in real time.

With role-based permissions, our products can be used by anyone at any level in your organization.

And our successes span a range of customers and opportunities.


Alight offers cloud-based solutions for the modern mining enterprise. Built, customized and implemented by a team of mining industry experts and veterans, complete with powerful visualizations that drive precise, real-time decision making. Delivered to any device, anytime. 

Strategic Planning™

Analyze strategic opportunities to make the best decision for your long-range and life-of-mine plan.

Operational Planning™

Make assessments at the mine site level to maximize production and innovation.

Corporate Planning™

Roll up all high-level aspects of your sites and projects to understand the impacts throughout the enterprise.

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Alight gives us the confidence we need to make strategic decisions with confidence so we don’t miss an opportunity to acquire or expand mine operations.

Business Strategy Team Leader, Intermediate Mining Firm

With Alight, we can manage changing commodity prices because we now have visibility across our enterprise to immediately see the impact of production rates on profits.

Senior Finance Executive, Tier 1 Global Mining Company

Thanks to Alight’s real-time scenario analysis, we can accurately compare new haul trucks and make decisions that add substantially to our bottom line.

Senior Operations Manager, Top Tier Iron Producer