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Alight Mortgage Solutions

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With our enterprise-class, cloud-based applications, mortgage executives can make the future more profitable by immediately seeing the financial impact of decisions, before they have to make them.

Built by mortgage industry experts. Created for mortgage lending. Only by Alight.

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The Challenge: Changing Conditions 24/7

The $2 trillion US mortgage industry is constantly changing and rife with complexities. Yet it’s an industry that has been run on spreadsheets and aging technology.

Management teams are forced to make big decisions without a true understanding of potential financial impacts on the business.

  • How will loan volume and mix be affected by changing interest rates?
  • What’s the impact on capital?
  • How will changes impact ROE?
  • How will MSR valuation and cash flow be affected when prepayments change?
  • How can I plan and better manage headcount and capacity?
  • How can I more effectively hold my managers accountable for sales targets?


The Solution: Viewing Financial Outcomes in Real Time

CEOs, CFOs and other senior mortgage executives use Alight Mortgage Lending™ to integrate and aggregate data from mortgage systems already in place to facilitate scenario-based forecasting—an ongoing cycle of constant adjustments and iterations—and help answer key questions and analyze strategic opportunities.

Our Product

Alight Mortgage Solutions offers budgeting, reporting and forecasting applications specifically engineered for mortgage lending. Complete with detailed models and visualizations to help you see only the data that’s important to you.

Alight Mortgage Lending™

Mortgage lending management teams can access data about performance, capital markets and portfolio valuations, and then create and compare scenarios to see the financial impacts of marketplace changes and decisions ripple across the enterprise and through to financial statements. Understand how decisions will affect capital, profitability and earnings—in real time.

  • Cloud-based, delivered to any device, any time
  • Built and implemented by mortgage industry veterans and experts
  • Powerful visualizations that drive precise, real-time financial decision making

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Having worked with Alight at a previous firm, they were top on my list to assist in First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation’s forecasting solution implementation – where we can effectively and efficiently run scenarios to evaluate growth opportunities. Alight Enterprise Cloud allows us to bring the power of scenario comparison and analysis across the FGMC enterprise. This enables us to make strategic and tactical decisions knowing what the financial ripple effect will be on our financials and operating metrics.

Robert Eastep
CFO, First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation

With Alight’s real-time financial forecasting, we’ll have better visibility across all levels of our company. Having the ability to regularly run scenario analysis will help us respond to marketplace changes more quickly to better manage future needs of the business.

Amber Elwell
SVP Finance, Guild Mortgage

One of our goals is to grow enterprise value by facilitating more insightful, multi-channel planning. To that end, we are regularly evaluating branch acquisitions and servicing options. Alight will help us refine branch reporting, better analyze branch acquisitions and more accurately project cash flow to help us meet the needs of our rapidly growing national origination and servicing business.

Bill Cosgrove
CEO and Owner, Union Home Mortgage

We understand the challenges you face.

Our team has many years of both mortgage industry and financial services experience. That means we understand the needs of our mortgage lending customers firsthand. Blending San Francisco Bay Area innovation with the freshest technology talent, we deliver game-changing solutions and increased profitability every time.