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SAN FRANCISCO – FEBRUARY 4, 2015 – Alight, a high-growth SaaS company that helps companies Manage the Future™, today announced that the Alight Energy™ cloud-based application has been selected by GTUIT, the leading provider of solutions in the wellsite gas processing segment for regulatory, power and resource capture needs, to provide real-time, continuous financial optimization. GTUIT will use Alight Energy™ to drive the rapid scaling of their business. 

“Alight Energy will provide a platform that GTUIT can use to standardize its planning process, stress test scenarios, enhance governance, communicate goals and engage employees in the pursuit of the agility companies need to thrive in today’s business environment,” said Christian Orms, CFO, GTUIT. “Alight will enable leaders to coordinate the deployment of organizational resources in a responsive fashion to maximize opportunity and minimize risk. Business leaders can respond with speed to changes in the marketplace. The tight integration and user friendliness of Alight Energy supports leaders in developing plans, establishing a high level of confidence in the outputs, and a clearly communicated roadmap with respect to governance and goals of the company. The ability to engage and empower leaders to pursue and achieve their aspirational goals at GTUIT is an important part of the culture.”

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