Secure Dashboard Sharing


Share Insights

Alight introduces Dashboard sharing, so you can share your insights with colleagues. Here’s how:

Secure Dashboard Sharing 

Alight Enterprise users can now securely share Dashboards – and insights – with colleagues who use Alight Enterprise. Data and sheet viewing permissions always apply. You can grant these sharing permission levels for any Dashboard:

You are the Owner of Dashboards you create.

Dashboard Display on the Menu

To speed access to the Dashboards you use most, your Dashboards Favorites are listed on the left menu bar, as are the five Dashboards you most recently viewed. Click more… to see a complete list of Dashboards. You can also search, manage Favorites, and create a new Dashboards.

Dashboard Favorites

The Dashboards you use most are just a click away. In the left menu bar, the Dashboards you saw before will be automatically marked as Favorites. If the list is long, click more… to manage Favorites: click a yellow star to de-select a Dashboard as a Favorite, and click a clear start to select it as a Favorite. And your five most recently opened Dashboards are listed under Recent.

What’s Changed

Until this update, the Alight Administrator created and published Dashboards for other users, who could (and still can) create their own, personal Dashboards. In the left menu bar, an Administrator saw Dashboards organized by User Role. If you’re an Alight Administrator, you’ll no longer see Dashboards organized by User Role. You will be the Owner of any Dashboards you published by Role, and the users in those Roles will be Viewers.

We’re Here to Help!

Documentation is available anytime on Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need help!

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