Tom Struttmann

Tom Struttmann

Group Executive, Alight Mining Solutions

I’m incredibly passionate about, some might say obsessed with, the mining industry. Since being fortunate enough to land at Caterpillar at the very beginning of my career, I’ve been intrigued by the complexity and scale of the mining industry and have found great satisfaction in creating solutions that help these essential companies work better and more efficiently.

I also have an entrepreneur’s spirit — I get excited about delivering innovative solutions that help miners exploit the value in their assets. I derive incredible satisfaction by working with mining companies as a trusted consultant and advisor — and now, by running a technology company that provides long-needed solutions for managing the financial futures of the world’s top mining companies.

Behind all of the exciting work of my career have been great teams. We’re building an amazing team here at Alight — full of people who are passionate about what they’re doing. Experts in their fields. And incredibly excited about learning more.

Career Experience
Alight, Inc. — Group Head, Alight Mining Solutions
Struttmann Consulting — Founder and President
YID3 — Founder and President
Caterpillar, Inc — Global Account Manager
Industry Advisory Council — Colorado School of Mines
Advisory — Department of Civil Engineering, University of Illinois

BS Civil Engineering, University of Illinois